Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Rocky Road

If I knew it intellectually before, I now understand experientially that the road to publishing, whether indie or traditional, is paved with boulders. They come in all sizes and shapes, and in surprisingly various forms. There are sharp, nasty boulders that trip one up and throw one to the ground, slowing and sometimes temporarily stopping one's progress; small, slippery boulders that seem to be cunningly placed purely to make one's journey 'interesting'; and, low, flat boulders designed to let one stop and rest and think.

Slipping, sliding and maneuvering among them is a frustrating, maddening, exhausting experience. Yet now I've done it, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I'm glad I didn't let the boulders stop me in my tracks. It was worth all the effort to achieve the goal. 

That's right. I'm now an officially published author of my very first book. It feels good. I am well aware that the next, repeat journey will feature a few unexpected boulders I've not met before, thrown in for good measure. But nothing will ever equal that first experience.

Having said all that, may I introduce you to the product of that journey among the boulders?

To Dream Of Langston was written 8 years ago, revised and rewritten within the past year. It truly is the 'book of my heart', as is often said. It is a coming of age tale, a journey of its own for the heroine, Katherine Fairbanks. Her story in many ways reflects certain stages of my own life, so I knew how she felt - her hopes and dreams - and I understood her final triumph.

If you choose to read her story, I hope you enjoy it, that it makes you laugh and cry and dream and sigh.

To Dream of Langston - Cover photo of yellow gorse by Rae Monet

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